What is Xnap Box?

Xnap Box is the first product of Xnap Limited.

At Xnap, we only have one goal: image recognition is the base of every future technologies such as AI and Big Data. Image acquisition and recognition should be very very affordable and easy to own, if it is not completely free.

Xnap Box is the first product of Xnap series of appliance and software.


There is not such product category for Xnap Box before today. We call it: “Face Detection Processor” appliance.

Face (detection of object like pedestrian and vehicle will be the next big thing) capture is everything for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Without face image, you can do nothing with the state-of-the-art recognition algorithm.

You might say: “Look, IP surveillance camera is cheap, and they are everywhere!”, but if I ask you how can your face recognition system handle 50,000 video streams with 1080p 24fps H. 264 format, what would you say?

Some of the commercial face recognition algorithm vendors would tell you: “We have best Face Tracking Software that run on x86 PC/Linux platform”.

OK, but don’t forget to look at the license price tag (range from US$500 to 3000, depends on quantity and make of algorithm), and the huge price of all the PCs required (maybe they can handle 4 streams with an US$800 Intel Core-i7 PC) to run these tracking software properly. In our point of view, current x86 PC based solution is simply not good enough for the accelerating trend of Smart City surveillance for intelligent transportation management and homeland security, and Smart Retail Traffic Analysis.

Xnap Box provides perfect (well, sort of) answer to the question: a simple and neat turnkey appliance for face image capture at unprecedented speed, reliability, compatibility with current IP surveillance system and price-performance ratio.

Xnap have a roadmap to make this happen: face capture at the product rack, at digital signage, at shop window, at entry, cashier and exit of retail stores, at bus terminal, train stations and airport.