Xnap Box Data-sheet (0.9.7)

Xnap Box datasheet can be downloaded here:

Xnap Box datasheet en 20170308

Key Features:

  • Each Xnap™ Box processes one RTSP H.264 / MJPEG video stream over IP network, or MJPEG AVI USB File sources on FAT32 thumb drive
  • Support up to 1920×1080 resolution with precise resolution auto-detection
  • Near real-time face detection algorithm using deep learning technology
  • Export MJPEG face/object streams, alongside with meta-data, through HTTP protocol by default
  • Optional: face/object image output to USB thumb drive
  • Detect multiple faces and objects with size range from 72 to 1200 pixels in 1080p (2 mega pixel) frame
  • 20º yaw/pitch/roll pose variation
  • Face detection missing rate* < 0.01%
  • Compact-size enclosure
  • Powered by 5V 2.5A Certified MicroUSB cable
  • Bonjour Support for the latest web browser
  • Built-in object color detection to provide dominant color image of pedestrian/vehicle (meta-data to be sent via HTTP)
  • NTP support for time synchronization to ensure precise (up to microsecond level) timestamp with all captured images
  • Filename of face image shall be derived from camera system time (via ONVIF) & timestamp information of the concerned frame of the input RTSP source (only in local storage mode)
  • Simple web-based guided operation to export face images to USB thumb drive
  • Built-in web-based utilities to fix/format USB thumb drive into FAT32 / EXT4 format
  • 802.11n Soft-AP mode support to allow web-based administration from any PC / smartphone/tablet with a standard web browser.

As a prelude, we are planning to add these 2 features in next release

  • Administration web with password authentication
  • Built-in ONVIF discovery tool
  • Built-in face blur filter to reduce undesirable blurry face images

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